Every event and every location is different, that's why we make sure we get to know you and your vision. From the initial enquiry to the site visit and floor planning process, everything is personal. This not only means the tipis look and feel great, but everything is much smoother in the run-up to your event too.


the vision

If you've fallen for tipis like we did then get in touch and let us know your vision. If you have it, some basic information about your event is also really helpful: date, location, budget and guest numbers. From this we can begin by sending you our availability and some accurate prices. 

the design

If your happy with the price and we have availability then the fun can begin. If required we can travel out to your chosen site and begin to build up a picture, quite literally, of how the tipis will best fit in the landscape (examples below). To-scale site maps and floor plans can be drawn up, and if you're still happy, a booking can be made. 


We welcome anyone who has booked a tipi, or who is simply interested, to come along to our Buffalo base near Bath. With a large meeting table for groups and families to come and gather round and discuss plans, it's often a very productive exercise. You can also have a tour of our warehouse and see all the items we supply 'in the flesh'.  


Arriving bight and early on the agreed day (usually one or two days before your event) we will go over the final proposal and assess any last minute changes. Our friendly team will then get to work keeping in touch throughout the day.