Here to help inspire creativity and simplify planning your event in a tent; we are as imaginative and flexible as our tipis. The Buffalo team will not only build, light and furnish your tipis but will consult you throughout the process to bring your imaginations to life.



Every event and every location is different, so we make sure we get to know you and your vision. Through a discussion, either here at Buffalo HQ or over the phone, we can start to give you an idea of what's possible and the costs involved. 


Detailed floor plans communicate your options visually, showing you how all the furniture fits inside and how the tipis can be modified in case of bad weather. These are available on the 'Plans & Prices' page here, and can be designed specifically for your party.  


Once you have booked your tipis the fun can begin. If we haven't already, we can then visit your site to build up a picture, quite literally, of how the tipis could fit into the landscape. 


Arriving bright and early on the agreed day (one of two days before your event) we will go over any last-minute changes before the Buffalo team begins the build. With everything in place, we will hand over the tipis, show you how all the lights and accessories are used and agree a time for collection.