Thank you thank you!

There are so many people I would like to thank for getting me this far. So here's to the muscles and minds that have come together to do so:

Firstly and mostly importantly my family - For backing the project, lifting the first few poles into place and continuing to support me. My brothers in particular for being patient when we've stood staring up at the first few builds scratching our heads. But also my old man for some good old-fashioned business advice and mother for feeding us well on site.

Lauren - For also being patient with my ideas, but for getting stuck in and lifting things twice her size. We haven't really started yet but thanks in advance for driving the business and being the most organised person I have ever met, and the most wonderful.

Connie Dickson - For your creative direction and helping me to develop Buffalo into the brand that I had in mind, and that embodies what I'm trying to do. But also for bringing together a website, stationary and clever ideas which will define Buffalo's personality.

The Crew - Millsy, Ben, Jamie, Dando, Chris and Will. You guys helped build the first few tipis and some of you actually understand how they go together so your work might not be done just yet, but Thanks!

Tipi and Kata - A pair of brothers running a tipi business up North who kindly took me under their wing for a week or so. It was always going to be hard getting hands on experience in building giant tipis, but these chaps let me - so thank you, and sorry for asking a question a minute.

Jake Webb - Thank you Jake for capturing the atmosphere and presence of the tipis during this summer's events. I must also credit Jake for the video of The Flock Inn. 

Tim and Tom, cousins (in arms) - Thanks not only for your wise words on local business, but for also giving me the opportunity to showcase the tents. Tim for instigating The Flock Inn meeting, and Tom for having the tents on your doorstep for all that time.

Friends - Olly, Dave, Sellick et al. For bouncing ideas around when all this wasn't real yet. Sellick actually discovered the historic link between a buffalo hide and tipis so thanks for your brain power mate, I owe you!

Vintage Marquees- Thank you Caroline Penny for proving it's possible to be creative in this industry and that personality is very important. I'm very much looking forward to working with you in the future.

South West Marquees - Thanks to Chris White and his team. With 30 years worth of knowledge in the industry I've certainly learnt a fair amount already, so look forward to collaborating with you in the future and learning lots more.

And to anyone else who I have spoken to about this over the last 6 months. You've all in some way or another contributed.