McGivern Photogrpahy

There are heaps of photographers out there so I can certainly appreciate that it’s tricky finding one that’s right for you. But ultimately you need someone who balances technical ability with a personable approach. You don’t want the incredibly geeky photographer with an awkward or bad attitude mixing with guests at your wedding, and certainly don’t want the fun guy with all the gear and no idea. Which leads me on to Oliver McGivern- in my opinion the chap who has found this balance perfectly.

Oliver has a reportage style to his work- documenting weddings and events as an observer, capturing the natural moments of the day without getting in the way. This aspect of how he works is apparent in his photos- without contrived poses and awkward group shots.  Again, there’s nothing worse than a real bossy boots dragging everyone into place.

What I also love about his approach and subsequently the photos is his underlying beliefs in, and passion for photography. In his words:

“I love that through the use of selective and well-taken photographs we can improve, or even better, our conscious recollection – taking photographs of the smiles and laughter of the wedding day and forgetting the stress that came before. So years down the line we can fondly look back at the catalogue of our finest moments, made even finer through the use of great photography. Isn’t that what we want when we reach our twilight years? To be able to feel that we used our time on this planet wisely and lived a happy life."

Insightful stuff, and the proof is definitely in the pudding, so visit to see more of his work.