BBC Casualty

Whilst I was checking the tipis were still erect at Glastonbury (via the BBC's live webcam) I coincidentally got a call from the BBC themselves. They were looking to hire 1 tipi to shelter a wedding ceremony on the set of Casualty!

Much like the Glastonbury enquiry, a few alarm bells did ring. Usually Casualty involves a disaster of some sort- so did I want my tipis to be related to a disastrous wedding ceremony? I'm probably not allowed to say exactly what happens, but thankfully the tipi was amongst the drama, but not actually responsible for the drama. I'm probably not even allowed to say that- sorry Casualty fans. 

Along with the tipi, some lighting, some flooring and a few furnishings, they were also looking to source two of the key ingredients to any countryside wedding- bales of hay and bunting. With a mother who knits and sews bunting in her sleep, and a farming father with 3 sizes of bales in the barn, neither were going to be problem. 

When the BBC are replacing traditional wedding marquees with tipis it's a sure sign that the giant Kata tipi is making waves and starting to be recognised as a genuine alternative wedding venue. The episode is due to go out mid-November so tune in to BBC1 then and you'll see us.