Glastonbury Festival 2015

I always said the dream with Buffalo would be to set-up the tipis at Glastonbury Festival- the biggest and best show on earth! Looks like I might need to realign my dreams. 

We had the phone call only a week or two before the gates opened from the kind chaps over at The Natural Tent Company (Hertfordshire’s finest tipi supplier), who wanted to join forces in order to make it happen. It was one of those offers that was going to take some serious re-scheduling and planning but nothing that was impossible, despite the relatively vague client and their use of the tipi. 

So after negotiating some access to the site, meeting the client and firming up a few specifics, it was on!  Although being told to let the men on the gate know that we “have the tipis for Emily Eavis and Kanye West”, I was still doubtful. I shouldn’t have been, and we built two of our giant tipis backstage for what was going to be the headline act’s green room- a space for Florence and the Machine, Kanye West, The Who and their gangs to relax before they head on stage. And there was me worried about the tents being damaged by scallywags and mud. Instead, the tipis were within their own fenced-off area, within the backstage area, hosting potentially the only people at the festival who don’t need wellies.  

No one needed wellies in the end, the weather was glorious and everyone was incredibly happy. We picked up the tents in immaculate condition the following Tuesday and with more fake fingernails on the floor than there was mud, it was a huge success. 

Still thinking about the next tipi related dream.