The Flock Inn

This was a project I took on with my cousins Tim and Tom to experiment with a concept that we'd been discussing for some time: a 'pop up pub'. Something the west country isn't too familiar with, and our late grandfather (Pappy) would have seriously struggled to get his head around. But it was simple - a stage at one end of the tipis, a kitchen/bar at the other, with relaxed seating in between that opened out onto a beer garden to the side.

Fortunately for us, the indian summer ran well into late September and we were blessed with a weirdly warm evening. The Cadbury Sisters and The Bohemians Embassy provided the soundtrack to the evening, to help celebrate what was an amazing summer. So with 130 friends there to share it with us, we were onto a winner and there will certainly be more where this came from.

The Flock Inn- Sept. 27th 2015