Our tipis are the ultimate 'blank canvas', but we also offer a beautifully designed and hand-selected range of furniture and lighting that complement the natural Swedish charm of our tipis, including handmade trestle tables and steam-bent oak chandeliers.




At night the tipis come to life with the right lighting, so we think it's important to not only offer a comprehensive lighting kit as standard, but also a selection of add-ons to personalise your tipi. 

Our standard lighting kit (image 3) consists of fairy lights to climb the poles, uplighters to wash the canvas with colour, and spotlights to pick out tables, a bar or an entrance.

As extras we also offer festoon lights (image 2) and mirror balls (image 4). The festoon lights can either be used inside, draped along the poles and beams of the tipis, or outside, between the tops of the tipis. 

We are also very proud to offer our handcrafter steam-bent oak chandeliers (image 1). Just like the tipis, these timeless timber beauties will bring a glowing piece of Scandinavia to your party.




Our furniture has been picked, and in many cases handmade, with design in mind. We want to offer you a range of amazing pieces that can't be found anywhere else.

For seated guests, choose between our long handmade trestle tables with benches (image 3) to feast from, or our round tables and chairs (image 1) for a more formal affair. For chairs, we have the classic wooden folding chair with or without a cushion (image 4) or the oak cross-backed dining chair (image 1). 

For those partying we also offer staging and bar units (image 2) of different sizes, and that are made from wood very similar to the tipis themselves.

To create The Snug corner of the tipis we can provide a collection of large Afghan floor cushions, moroccan rugs, wicker chairs and coffee tables- perfect for your guests to rest their legs after a long day.




We use DandyDura© matting (image 1 & 4) on the floor of our tipis- quite simply the highest quality marquee matting out there. It's light and natural in colour and we clean it between every event. A clean floor is essential when having events in tents. 

Our DandyDura© matting is also perfect to use as a walkway up to the tipis, or across to the toilets (image 3). 

Our standard wooden dance floor comes in various sizes and provides a good study space to party the night away. 

We are also really excited to now offer the honeycomb dance floor (image 2), with small golden hexagons printed across it. When it's not being used for half the day why not make it look incredible!




Hire a large nordic fire pit (image 3) to stand in the centre of your tipi, providing a cosy atmosphere for your guests to socialise, drink and warm their hands around. 

For caterers and other services you can also hire our catering tent (image 2). This is a more conventional 6m x 6m 'square sided' tent that can be connected to the tipis. It's made of the same material as the tipis and has a pointy top, so it looks the part.

We now also offer tipi extension walls (image 1 & 4). This turns a section of the tipi's slanted wall into a flat wall- providing nearly 30% more useable floorspace per tipi. Ideal for a big bar, a stage or an entrance.

For those colder months we also hire timber double doors that can be fitted to the tipi, and large, thermostatically controlled diesel heaters (image 2).