Buffalo Founder

I started Buffalo in 2014 after discovering the Tentipi tipis and I soon realised that a rental business was the perfect fit for my ambitions and the way I like to work. I was right. I enjoy hands-on creative work where I’m outdoors, in a team and working with the seasons.

Before Buffalo I had never worked in events, but having grown up on a busy farm, worked in construction in NYC, studied Geography at University in Liverpool, worked in retail brand management in Manchester, Aberdeen and Cardiff, and worked as a steel fabricator in Sydney (in that order, all before I was 25), I feel my varied skills, organised and wholesome approach to getting things done has been important in establishing Buffalo as a brand.

I get involved in all aspects of business but there’s nothing better than a full day on site. The scale of what we manage to construct in a day is so satisfying and piling into the truck with the team after handing over the tipis to an excited customer is very, very rewarding.


Tipi Commander

Tom has been with us from the very beginning and has built hundreds of weddings and events. His knowledge of how tipis go together is remarkable and his considered approach and brilliant sense of humour keeps us all ticking. He’s the team leader and on-site he’s the bossman.

When he’s not building tents, you’ll find Tom in the workshop designing and building a lot of the furniture and lighting pieces that you see in our catalogue. Like me, he’s a farmers son and can be found in the mountains in the off-season. Unlike me, he still plays rugby.


Event Planner

Manning the inbox and answering your calls, Matt is often the first person you’ll meet when you get in touch. He’s an event planner most of the time and when he’s not in the office he’s on site getting stuck in.

In his first life, Matt worked in London as a financial spread trader, but he escaped the city in 2012, headed west and met his wife Megan. That’s how we found him- Megan enquired about hiring tipis in 2016 and after providing tipis for their wedding we persuaded Matt to join our growing squad.


Ops Leader

Pete is a relatively new addition to the Buffalo team, but it feels like he’s been with us for years. His role is to keep the warehouse, vehicles and systems running smoothly, whilst also learning to become a team leader on-site.

Pete was in the fire service for years, but he’s also worked regularly as a volunteer at Glastonbury, so he’s very well prepared for life as an event professional. In his spare time, he likes to tinker on his camper van and seems to spend every other weekend surfing somewhere in UK.