Detail & Design

The scale of the structures we create by joining tipis together is impressive, but the powerful shape of one on its own is equally as special.

Inside, it’s the lofty interior and raw timber frame that’s unique. The intricate fastenings that link the tipis together force you to look up and the round shape of each tipi focuses the energy of a party unlike any other tent.

They’re beautifully crafted tents with an attention to detail and design that’s similar to architecture. This is what makes them event tent masterpieces and exceptionally photogenic.

Functionality & Flexibility

The principles of Nordic design suggest that functionality is just as important as good looks. This is why Nordic tipis work so well here in the UK; they can change with the seasons and adapt to our ridiculous weather.


The more tipis, the bigger the party and the more tipi formations possible. If you hire three tipis or more you will have at least two tipi formations to choose from.


A few, or all, of the tipi’s walls can be lifted to let the outside in. This is what transforms them from cosy, to wide open and airy.


To increase the space and natural light inside our tipis, without linking onto another tipi or raising the sides, we have a range of tipi accessories that can help.


The adjustable hole at the top of each tipi means you can have a fire pit inside. It also means hot air can escape in the summer and air can flow easily.


Their streamlined shape and extremely strong timber frame makes them ideal in the worst of weathers. The canvas also has the best water repellent properties of any other canvas out there.


Each tipi has at least one zip door. This can be positioned anywhere around the perimeter of the tipi and provides a more subtle entrance/exit for your event suppliers.


We buy our tipis from Tentipi, the original and the best event tipi manufacturers. Their founder, Bength Grahn, had a lightbulb moment back in 1993 and has been on a mission to create the best tent in the world ever since. When you visit their HQ in Arctic Sweden, their design philosophy and ambition is infectious.

We are proud to wear the ANTA (Authentic Nordic Tipi Approved) badge and take huge inspiration from Tentipi’s Nordic design and lifestyle principles — functionality and aesthetics over everything.