• Guide price £5,900.00
    Guide capacity 100
    Our tipis are designed and manufactured in Swedish Lapland. They are effortlessly Christmassy. The natural colours, raw materials and open fire will help create your very own pop-up alpine cabin and we would argue that this is the most authentic Christmas space available to hire in the UK.
  • Guide price £1,800.00
    Guide capacity 70
    Getting out of the office and providing new experiences for your team is important and a day in a tipi is a simple way to do this.  The circular design of a tipi focuses gatherings and brings people together, making them inherently sociable. They create a welcoming atmosphere that's perfect for team building activities and in this Collection it's exactly that - a comfortable, and sociable space.
  • Guide price £4,700.00
    Guide capacity 120
    This Collection is designed to cover a corporate summer drinks party for up to 120 guests. With a large bar at one end and only a couple of tables the other, most of the space is dedicated to standing and chatting, rather than sitting. This, along with both sides of the tipi being wide open, makes it a very dynamic and flexible event space.
  • Guide price £12,000.00
    Guide capacity 500
    Tipis are an impressive option for corporate events. They are big enough and flexible enough to cover any size event whilst remaining subtle. Their canvas colour and linking qualities mean they sit low on the landscape and blend into it. The problem with alternative tents that are capable of covering large event is that they aren't as easy on the eye - the bigger those tents get, the taller, whiter, and more imposing they become.