• Guide price £2,600.00
    Guide capacity 80
    This Collection is a private hideaway, designed so that a small group can zip themselves away from the madness of a festival. Add our Large Indoor Fire Pit for extra comfort, or make use of the extra floorspace with a small bar area. Either way, you'll be able to escape the festival without feeling like you've really left.
  • Guide price £2,600.00
    Guide capacity 70
    One tipi with a canvas extension wall, a dance floor and stage. Designed for those that dream of having their own mini garden Glasto'!
  • Guide price £3,700.00
    Guide capacity 160
    These two tipis are set up for hungry festival goers, with banquet-style tables and benches filling the entire space. This seating arrangement offers the most sociable dining experience for strangers to eat alongside each other. They also suit the laidback atmosphere of a festival and work out as our cheapest seating option per bum.
  • Guide price £10,700.00
    Guide capacity 500
    The more tipis, the more possibilities. So, with six tipis this Collection provides maximum flexibility. This particular formation is great for a festival venue as it covers two separate stages that can be served by the same large bar.
  • Guide price £12,300.00
    Guide capacity 320
    This Collection has banquet seating for up to 320 either side of a large bar, with plenty of space for the inevitable queues. Tables are banked up in long lines to make the most of the space and to get as many bums on benches as possible.