Window Extension Wall

£350.00 Guide Price

Our extension walls increase the useable space inside one tipi by 28% by turning a slanted section of a tipi’s wall into a more conventional flat wall. Perfect for the things that need headspace at the edge of a tipi - bars, staging or an entrance.

These walls will also help flood your tipi with natural light. Great for the autumn and spring months when the days are still long and bright, but the nights chilly.

Their roll-up central panel works well as an informal guest entrance, but Oak Double Doors can also be fitted for something more impressive.

Multiple extension walls can be joined together for a more expansive window wall. They can also be joined to a Mid-fill Window Wall to help bridge the gap between linked tipis.

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Material: The poles are made from slow-grown Swedish Spruce and the canvas panels are made from poly-cotton

  • Installation
  • Carpet throughout
  • Two zips that can be undone to allow for a 2m wide entrance
Can doors be added?

Yes, we can fit our Oak Double Doors to the extension.

Can you have an extension wall on the smaller tipis?

No, they can only be fitted to the larger Stratus tipis.


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