Large Indoor Fire Pit

Guide price £240.00

This large child-friendly fire pit will provide a cosy focal point in the centre of your tipi. It will provide some local heat for guests to warm their hands but shouldn’t be relied upon for heating an entire tipi.

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Material: Spruce base with a steel ashtray

Dimensions: L 1.2m | W 1.2m | H 0.84m

  • Smokeless logs to last an evening
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Kindling or firelighters
Who looks after the fire on the day?

It will be your responsibility to light the fire, keep it going and keep it safe during your event. We recommend nominating someone sensible to be responsible for this.

Will the fire keep us warm?

The fire will keep one tipi quite warm on a chilly evening, but it won’t provide enough heat to warm more than 1 tipi. We recommend adding 1 or 2 of our heaters to keep larger events warm.

Does the fire pit fill the tipi with smoke?

The logs we provide produce very little smoke, especially when the fire is maintained properly. If you hire a fire we will explain this in much more detail when we handover.

Can we use our own logs on the fire?

No, you can only use the logs we provide. They produce the least amount of smoke and help us keep the tipi canvas really clean.


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