Sailcloth Tent Matting (14m x 19m)

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We use DandyDura™ matting on the floor of our tents - quite simply the best event matting out there. It comes in a light, natural colour and is cleaned thoroughly after every job, so it looks (and smells) fresh.

The matting is laid on top of a waterproof membrane. This stops damp or mud coming up through the matting.

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Material: Polyurethane weave

Dimensions: 14m x 19m

  • Waterproof membrane underneath
  • The waterproof membrane prevents damp and mud rising up through the carpet. It will not stop a flood, so make sure your chosen site is well drained
  • The shorter the grass the better the carpet goes down
Do high heels go through the matting?

No, it’s made of strong stuff and tightly woven.


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Our tipis

We use the highest quality event tipis, designed and manufactured in Arctic Sweden by industry pioneers Tentipi. They produce the original and best event tipis and we wouldn’t trust anything else.