Tipi Lighting Package

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Tipis are incredible structures and arguably don't need decorating if you have great lighting. This lighting package has been designed to cover all aspects of lighting inside the tipi.

The spotlights are hung from the horizontal 'cross poles' on the tipi's frame and provide some practical and directional lighting. This is great for picking out tables, a bar or a stage. They are also dimmable.

Then you have the uplighters. These sit in the corner, where the canvas meets the floor and shine up the canvas, washing it with light. They can be set to any colour and can also be switched to a 'sound sensitive' mode using a remote control. So you could choose a couple of them to change colour to the music during the evening's entertainment.

Finally, the fairy lights. These are wrapped around four poles per tipi and highlight the scale of the tipi's frame, whilst offering a bit of sparkle.

Add to your enquiry
  • This is all LED lighting, so it can be plugged into a standard 13amp household plug
  • Installation, wiring and a handover, so that you know how to operate the lights
  • A power supply. Our lighting only requires one household plug (13amp) within 50m. This can either be from a nearby building or a generator on site.
  • You can supplement the lighting package with other lighting pieces: steam-bent chandelier, festoon lights, steam-bent lanterns

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Buffalo Tipi was born from our love of timeless design and the great outdoors. Rooted in the rural South West of England near Bath, we bring our giant Kåta tipis to you, creating a flexible and comfortable event space with seriously good looks.

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