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Guide price £7,300.00
Guide capacity 130

Three tipis linked in a row, forming one big entertaining space. Half the space is dedicated to dining and the other half hosts a dance floor and bar. The perfect size for up to 130 guests across a whole day of festivities.

This collection has everything you could need to create a very memorable tipi wedding. On a warm summer day the whole of the front of the tipi can be opened up to take in the view. Crucially, if the weather is less kind on the day of your event, you and your guests will have plenty of space to socialise under cover without having to stand between tables.

Add to your enquiry
  • 1 x Three Stratus Tipis
  • 3 x Tipi Lighting Package
  • 3 x Tipi Matting
  • 13 x Basic Round Table
  • 130 x Folding Chair
  • 2 x Timber Bar
  • x Medium Dance Floor
  • Power supply
  • Depending on the caterer you have chosen you may need a Catering Tent. Check with them.
  • You can always clear tables away after eating to make way for dancing or more evening guests.
  • When we build the tipi, a day or two before your event, we will decide with you how many sides will be raised. The sides cannot be lowered by you once we have left so this is an important decision. It will depend almost entirely on the wind direction and temperature forecast.

L 30m | W 13m

Do I need to insure the tipis and equipment?

Yes, we do advise wedding and event insurance that covers ‘marquee and equipment hire’ for the period that you have the tipis. If you don’t take out insurance then our standard 5% Damage Waiver will apply. This covers you for any loss or damage worth over £500.

When do you normally set-up and take down?

We typically set-up a day or two before your event and take down a day or so after, but we are flexible and will try our best to fit in around you and your venue.

How long does it take to build?

We like to allow a day to build your event. Starting nice and early and finishing up late afternoon. Obviously the further we have to travel and the more complex the build, the longer it may take.

How far do you travel?

In order to give the best possible service we like to stay within 2 hours/100miles of our base here in Wiltshire. Having said that, for the right event we will travel further.

Collection Items

Three Stratus Tipis

Tipi Lighting Package

Tipi Matting

Basic Round Table

Folding Chair

Timber Bar

Medium Dance Floor

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