• £12,000.00 guide price
    Seated 160 | Standing n/a
    This collection will keep a large wedding warm and dry without relying on an outdoor drinks reception, or clearing away tables to make way for dancing in the evening. It's a comprehensive wedding Collection, whatever the weather.
  • £7,500.00 guide price
    Seated 120 | Standing n/a
    This is the most popular tipi wedding collection that we offer. It covers the average number of wedding guests (100-120) and provides a space that feels wide open in the daytime, but cosy and atmospheric in the evening.
  • £12,000.00 guide price
    Seated 200 | Standing n/a
    This is one of our favourite tipi formations. It covers a large number of guests and its horseshoe shape means that the wedding can have a central outdoor area surrounded by the tipis. The indoor/outdoor nature of this is very unique and means that you don't need a stunning venue or setting - they wrap around the wedding and become part of the landscape.
  • £2,860.00 guide price
    Seated 30 | Standing n/a
    Since the summer of 2020, intimate weddings for 30 people have become very popular and a single tipi is the ideal space for them. As always, any number of the tipi's sides can be lowered or lifted to adapt to the weather forecast. So, if the weather was set fair then we can build the tipi with lots of sides up allowing plenty of airflow. However, if it looked cold or windy then we would build them closed down so that the party is kept cosy.
  • £4,700.00 guide price
    Seated 64 | Standing n/a
    Two tipis work really well for weddings of between 40-70 guests. One tipi will host the wedding breakfast and the other doubling up as a daytime reception area and an evening party space. The all important bar is then situated between the two tipis.