• Guide price £2,860.00
    Guide capacity 30
    Since the summer of 2020, intimate weddings for 30 people have become very popular and a single tipi is the ideal space for them. As always, any number of the tipi's sides can be lowered or lifted to adapt to the weather forecast. So, if the weather was set fair then we can build the tipi with lots of sides up allowing plenty of airflow. However, if it looked cold or windy then we would build them closed down so that the party is kept cosy.
  • Guide price £2,950.00
    Guide capacity 40
    One tipi with a transparent extension wall, tables & chairs, bar and dance floor. Designed to be a micro-wedding set-up, for those wanting the full experience but with a much more intimate crowd.
  • Guide price £4,700.00
    Guide capacity 50
    One Stratus tipi linked to a smaller Cirrus tipi with tables & chairs, bar, dance floor and internal fire pit. This collection offers an intimate wedding tipi, with a inclusive horseshoe table arrangement and a central fire pit to add to the atmosphere.
  • Guide price £4,800.00
    Guide capacity 80
    One Stratus tipi linked to a slightly smaller Cirrus tipi, with room for all the party essentials...a dance floor, bar and tables & benches for a relaxed, informal party.
  • Guide price £4,700.00
    Guide capacity 70
    Two tipis work really well for weddings of between 40-70 guests. One tipi will host the wedding breakfast and the other doubling up as a daytime reception area and an evening party space. The all important bar is then situated between the two tipis.
  • Guide price £5,650.00
    Guide capacity 60
    Two tipis linked together to form one space, with an extended dance floor tipi creating a generous stage area for a band/DJ to strut their stuff.
  • Guide price £5,850.00
    Guide capacity 80
    Two tipis linked together with a clear extension wall at each end, allowing plenty of natural light in and makes the tipi feel like it's floating in the landscape.
  • Guide price £6,500.00
    Guide capacity 90
    Two tipis linked to a slightly smaller Cirrus tipi which hosts a big bar area, the perfect spot for those looking to escape the dance floor for a drink.
  • Guide price £7,000.00
    Guide capacity 80
    By joining one of our smaller Cirrus tipis to a pair of Stratus tipis the Urchfont collection offers enough space for 72 dining guests on trestle tables whilst still keeping enough space aside for a cosy bar area and an entire tipi dedicated to dancing. 
  • Guide price £7,100.00
    Guide capacity 80
    Two Stratus tipis attached to a slightly smaller Cirrus tipi, with a large central bar & fire pit leading to a comfy seating snug.
  • Guide price £7,300.00
    Guide capacity 70
    Two tipis joined together alongside our slightly smaller Cirrus tipi which offers a dedicated space for relaxing away from the dance floor.
  • Guide price £7,500.00
    Guide capacity 120
    The Sapperton is the most popular tipi wedding collection. It covers the average number of wedding guests (100-120) and provides a space that feels wide open in the daytime, but cosy and atmospheric in the evening.
  • Guide price £8,400.00
    Guide capacity 120
    The Ashley collection uses three tipis in a triangle formation, creating a compact and cosy space for a wedding reception. With 15 tables of 8 it can dine 120 guests whilst also providing good space for a bar area and/or space for an indoor drinks reception.
  • Guide price £9,250.00
    Guide capacity 120
    Three Stratus tipis joined to our slightly smaller Cirrus tipi, creating a great entertaining space for 100-120 guests. The Cirrus tipi extends the party to include comfy seating for you and your guests to lounge with a glass of fizz.
  • Guide price £10,150.00
    Guide capacity 120
    Three Stratus tipis linked together to form the main celebration space, with a slightly smaller Cirrus tipi creating a stand alone chill out zone. Separating the tipis instantly makes the occasion feel like a festival.
  • Guide price £12,000.00
    Guide capacity 160
    This collection will keep a large wedding warm and dry without relying on an outdoor drinks reception, or clearing away tables to make way for dancing in the evening. It's a comprehensive wedding Collection, whatever the weather.
  • Guide price £9,900.00
    Guide capacity 180
    The Burford collection is fantastic for summer weddings hosting 130-180 dining guests, with plenty of space for table plan flexibility and a dance floor and bar area that doesn't encroach on the dining area.
  • Guide price £10,700.00
    Guide capacity 140
    Four tipis in a diamond formation, a true behemoth that won't fail to dazzle. Great in any weather and for any occasion, the Cotswold suits a larger gathering, 140-160 people for a celebration with finesse.
  • Guide price £12,000.00
    Guide capacity 200
    This is one of our favourite tipi formations. It covers a large number of guests and its horseshoe shape means that the wedding can have a central outdoor area surrounded by the tipis. The indoor/outdoor nature of this is very unique and means that you don't need a stunning venue or setting - they wrap around the wedding and become part of the landscape.