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Guide price £2,800.00
Guide capacity 30

Our tipis are made for winter. They're designed and manufactured in Arctic Sweden where the weather is far more extreme than it is here in the UK. With this Package, you can hunker down for a wonderfully comfortable and cosy party, whatever the weather.

This plan allows for between 20 and 30 guests to dine comfortably, leaving plenty of space for a small reception space next to the fire. There's plenty of room for extra tables if you wanted to invite more guests, but we think that winter parties should at least have a small reception space as it's incredibly unlikely that you'll spend much time outside.

The Window Extension Wall on the front of this tipi can be opened and closed to form an entrance for your guests. It also increases the overall space inside the tipi by 28% - a useful space for a coat-rail perhaps?



Add to your enquiry
  • 1 x One Stratus Tipi
  • 1 x Tipi Matting
  • 1 x Tipi Lighting Package
  • 1 x Window Extension Wall
  • 1 x Large Indoor Fire Pit
  • 4 x Timber Trestle Table
  • 8 x Timber Bench

L 12m | W 10.3m

Do I need to insure the tipis and equipment?

Yes, we do advise wedding and event insurance that covers ‘marquee and equipment hire’ for the period that you have the tipis. If you don’t take out insurance then our standard 5% Damage Waiver will apply. This covers you for any loss or damage worth over £500.

When do you normally set-up and take down?

We typically set-up a day or two before your event and take down a day or so after, but we are flexible and will try our best to fit in around you and your venue.

How long does it take to build?

We like to allow half a day to build an event like. Starting nice and early and finishing up mid-afternoon. Obviously the further we have to travel and the more complex the build, the longer it may take.

Package Items

One Stratus Tipi

Tipi Matting

Tipi Lighting Package

Window Extension Wall

Large Indoor Fire Pit

Timber Trestle Table

Timber Bench

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