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Large Summer Wedding

£12,000.00 Guide Price
Seated 200 | Standing n/a

This is one of our favourite tipi formations. It covers a large number of guests and its horseshoe shape means that the wedding can have a central outdoor area surrounded by the tipis. The indoor/outdoor nature of this is very unique and means that you don't need a stunning venue or setting - they wrap around the wedding and become part of the landscape.

Your guests would dine throughout three tipis, leaving the other two free for entertainment, softer furnishings and the bar. The great thing about this is that the spaces don't overlap, so when you are dancing or at the bar, empty tables are a long way away. Similarly, when your guests are eating they will feel like they are in a separate tent, a long way from the band setting up or the empty dance floor.


Add to your enquiry
  • 1 x Five Stratus Tipis
  • 5 x Tipi Matting
  • 5 x Tipi Lighting Package
  • 1 x Large Dance Floor
  • 4 x Staging
  • 2 x Large Indoor Fire Pit
  • 3 x Timber Bar
  • 20 x Basic Round Table
  • 200 x Folding Chair
  • You could add a sixth tipi and turn the horseshoe into a complete circle, maintaining the courtyard area in the centre.
  • This formation does rely on good weather and wouldn’t work so well if it was forecast to be cold and windy. So, if you did like this formation then we could alway design a more ‘cosy’ formation and floor plan as your ‘Plan B’.
  • When we build the tipi, a day or two before your event, we will decide with you how many sides will be raised. The sides cannot be lowered by you once we have left so this is an important decision. It will depend almost entirely on the wind direction and temperature forecast.
  • Depending on the caterer you have chosen you may need a Catering Tent. Check with them.

L 32m | W 27m

Do I need to insure the tipis and equipment?

Yes, we do advise wedding and event insurance that covers ‘marquee and equipment hire’ for the period that you have the tipis. If you don’t take out insurance then our standard 5% Damage Waiver will apply. This covers you for any loss or damage worth over £500.

When do you normally set-up and take down?

We typically set-up a day or two before your event and take down a day or so after, but we are flexible and will try our best to fit in around you and your venue.

How long does it take to build?

We like to allow a day to build your event. Starting nice and early and finishing up late afternoon. Obviously the further we have to travel and the more complex the build, the longer it may take and it wouldn’t be unusual to come back the next day to do some finishing touches.

How far do you travel?

In order to give the best possible service we like to stay within 2 hours/100miles of our base here in Wiltshire. Having said that, for the right event we will travel further.

Collection Items


Five Stratus Tipis


Tipi Matting

Birdie Bank

Tipi Lighting Package

Dance Floor

Large Dance Floor

Stage Section


Large Fire Pit

Large Indoor Fire Pit

Timber Bar

Timber Bar

Basic Round Table

Basic Round Table

Folding Wooden Chair

Folding Chair

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