• £6,000.00 guide price
    Seated 100 | Standing n/a
    This set-up provides a compact party space for approximately 100 guests to dine and dance. Generally, 21st's don't require a drinks reception, so tables are set up on the dance floor and can be cleared away after dining to make way for some lively dancing.
  • £1,900.00 guide price
    Seated 40 | Standing n/a
    One tipi is the perfect garden party offering. Large enough to squeeze in 80 people without any furniture, but cosy enough for 20 people to not feel lost. In this Collection, we have designed something simple to cater for 40 people to be able to dine.
  • £16,000.00 guide price
    Seated 222 | Standing n/a
    Often referred to as "The Doughnut", this formation is far more impressive than its name suggests. What's so special, other than its size, is the open-air courtyard that's created in the centre of the tipis. It means wherever you are in the tent, you are always close to the outdoors and as the openings all face inwards, it's unlikely that the sides would have to be closed down due to bad weather.
  • £2,700.00 guide price
    Seated 30 | Standing n/a
    Our tipis are made for winter. They're designed and manufactured in Arctic Sweden where the weather is far more extreme than it is here in the UK. With this Collection, you can hunker down for a wonderfully comfortable and cosy party, whatever the weather.