• Guide price £1,560.00
    Guide capacity 40
    One Cirrus tipi with a bar and small dance floor, perfect for those wanting to create a mini Garden-Glasto'.
  • Guide price £1,700.00
    Guide capacity 75
    One tipi is the perfect garden party offering. Large enough to squeeze in 80 people without any furniture, yet cosy enough for 20 people to not feel lost in. In this Collection, we have designed something simple to cater for 50 people to dance and dine informally.
  • Guide price £2,000.00
    Guide capacity 60
    Designed with a birthday party in mind, this one tipi set-up will bring your friends and family together under canvas and around the fire....  just like we did hundreds of years ago. 
  • Guide price £2,600.00
    Guide capacity 70
    One tipi with a canvas extension wall, a dance floor and stage. Designed for those that dream of having their own mini garden Glasto'!
  • Guide price £2,300.00
    Guide capacity 60
    One Stratus tipi with a central fire pit, timber trestle tables and chairs. A simple set-up with all the essential for a party. Ideal for a significant Birthday or an intimate wedding breakfast.
  • Guide price £2,600.00
    Guide capacity 30
    Our tipis are made for winter. They're designed and manufactured in Arctic Sweden where the weather is far more extreme than it is here in the UK. With this Collection, you can hunker down for a wonderfully comfortable and cosy party, whatever the weather.
  • Guide price £2,700.00
    Guide capacity 30
    One tipi with a transparent extension wall, tables & chairs, bar and dance floor. Designed to be a micro-wedding set-up, for those wanting the full experience but with a much more intimate crowd.
  • Guide price £3,800.00
    Guide capacity 80
    One Stratus tipi linked to a slightly smaller Cirrus tipi, with room for all the party essentials...a dance floor, bar and tables & benches for a relaxed, informal party.
  • Guide price £3,900.00
    Guide capacity 50
    One Stratus tipi linked to a smaller Cirrus tipi with tables & chairs, bar, dance floor and internal fire pit. This collection offers an intimate wedding tipi, with a horseshoe table arrangement and a central fire pit to add to the atmosphere.
  • Guide price £3,300.00
    Guide capacity 160
    This is the ultimate blank canvas tipi package, providing you with the very basics: two tipis with flooring and simple indoor festoon lighting. You can bring in your own garden furniture, add a few bits from our catalogue or leave it wide open. Either way, it's an incredibly comfortable space for up to 160 people to enjoy.
  • Guide price £3,800.00
    Guide capacity 110
    This Collection is designed to cover a summer drinks party for up to 110-120 guests. With a large bar at one end and only a couple of tables the other, most of the space is dedicated to standing and chatting, rather than sitting. This, along with both sides of the tipi being wide open, makes it a very flexible event space.
  • Guide price £5,300.00
    Guide capacity 100
    This set-up provides a compact party space for approximately 100 guests to dine and dance. Without the need for a dedicated drinks reception area, tables are set up on the dance floor and can be cleared away after dining to make way for dancing.
  • Guide price £5,900.00
    Guide capacity 100
    Our tipis are designed and manufactured in Swedish Lapland and are effortlessly Christmassy. The natural colours, raw materials and open fire will help create your very own pop-up alpine cabin and we would argue that this is the most authentic Christmas space available to hire in the UK.
  • Guide price £6,500.00
    Guide capacity 90
    Two Stratus tipis attached to a slightly smaller Cirrus tipi, with a large central bar & fire pit leading to a comfy seating snug.
  • Guide price £5,000.00
    Guide capacity 240
    Three tipis with nothing but flooring and simple festoons lights strung up inside, giving you a large, flexible and beautiful covered space for up to 240 people to gather under.
  • Guide price £9,500.00
    Guide capacity 140
    Four tipis in a diamond formation is a stunning tipi construction that won't fail to impress your guests. Great in any weather and for any occasion, the Cotswold suits a larger gathering, 140-160 people for a celebration.